A breath taking interregional study visit in Neuwerk

The interregional study visit to Cuxhaven and the Island of Neuwerk on the 18th of September 2018 was a real adventure for all participants at the Land-Sea project! The trip to the Island was a huge surprice because only horse driven coaches could bring us there due to the low level of the Elbe river - no other transportation means were appropriate for the journey. The national park Hamburg Wadden sea - a part of a UNESCO natural hertigage site - was considered a real phenomenon by all participants. The quintessence of the experience on the island - guidance by a ranger with his stories about history, 36 inhabitants' social life and habits, about their struggle with nature and integrating into the limited capacity of the island opportunities. The efforts in keeping the nature and the local people safe by the floods, in maintaining the infrastructure and guaranteing enogh space for business initiatives and social life - knowledge about all this participants will take with themselves to their home countries.