Land- Sea – Staff exchange program
 „ Share your Knowledge!“  „Learn from each other!“
The  staff exchange programs are  key aspect of the project implementation. Learning from each other, building the capacity of staff and stakeholders is essential for the project success implementation.
Great staff programmes were held in each region in which we obtained numerous lessons learned that offered us a broad perspective about our strengths and a shared view to overcome altogether possible weaknesses.
Exchanging experiences and suggestions for policy implementation of each pregion, sharing critical points and weakness were aspects of the intensive staff training program. Sharing knowledge with the help of various mentorship activities, study visits, and work activities in everyday professional life helped for interregional learning process.
 Working more closely together, side by side, was significant for a greater professional and personal development,  but also for a better understanding of each other’s' and common challenges in everyday life. 
And, even more importantly, it is a way to grow and improve the management of the eco-tourism system.