The purpose of the VI-th meeting of regional stakeholders of the LAST MILE project was the solemn signing of a Letter of Intent between the mayors of the four priority municipalities in the project (Dziwnów, Kamień Pomorski, Międzyzdroje and Wolin) and the Marshal of Westpomeranian Voivodeship. This was the culmination of over a year of work and careful analysis prepared by the Regional Office for Spatial Planning of Westpomeranian Voivodeship in Szczecin (RBGPWZ), concerning the possibility of implementing sustainable and flexible transport solutions in the priority municipalities of the project.
In the first part of the meeting, proposals for possible actions to be implemented in the area of the selected municipalities were presented. The work for establishing a joint transport coordinator for the four coastal municipalities will be main priority task. Further priority actions include: a thorough analysis of the transport needs of the residents, the organization of the tourist bus route, the development of a common policy on the park&ride and park&bike parking systems and an analysis of possible support for the development of water transport in the area.
During the second part of the meeting, the Letter of Intent concerning cooperation within the LAST MILE project was signed. According to its records, the priority municipalities have declared a delegation of representatives of each municipality as a coordinator of project development, the promotion and implementation of a common information policy, joint action and lobbying at the over municipal level for the development of sustainable transport services. Regional Office for Spatial Planning of Westpomeranian Voivodeship in Szczecin, representing the Westpomeranian Voivodeship, declared the elaboration of a detailed Action Plan, analyzes and proposals for legislative changes, as well as the development of a timetable for the implementation of particular actions in the second phase of the project.
After the ceremony of signing the Letter of Intent, the Marshal of Westpomeranian Voivodeship and the authorities of the municipalities of Dziwnów, Kamień Pomorski, Międzyzdroje and Wolin took part in a press conference, during which they indicated how important it is to support and integrate sustainable transport policies addressed both to the tourists as well as the inhabitants of the municipalities.