In the sparsely populated region of the Upper Sûre Nature Park most inhabitants and often tourists too are used to car use for most of their ways. Nevertheless some innovative flexible transport services exist and much work is done to sensitize Luxembourgish people about sustainable mobility. On this account project partners will stay two entire days in the region to visit some of these projects.
The focal theme of the interregional exchange event in Luxembourg is “communication with users and society”. When talking about the goals of European 2020 strategy and the “Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area”, which aims at a reduction of CO2-emissions in transport by 60% in 2050 based on 1990, communication is a crucial topic. A high-performance offer is only good when people know about it. Especially in rural areas people are used to their car for nearly every trip; a cultural shift towards a new form of mobility requires, besides an attractive supply, an effective communication with users and society.
This forward-looking topic will be the context of a seminar taking place on the 19th of June. After inputs from national experts in communication and mobility, an interactive workshop shall spread ideas between project partners to stimulate the forthcoming development of regional action plans in the different regions.
The exchange of ideas is also the aim of the visits of good practice examples in the region of the Upper Sûre and the Our Nature Park. Four flexible transport services will be visited during the exchange meeting in the Upper-Sûre Nature Park: the “night rider”, a transport offer for night owls, the “Bummelbus”, a social project occupying long-time unemployed people, the “Flexibus”, which is a Dial-a-bus-service in a municipality out of the Nature Park and the service “Rent-a-bike”. The last one is a bike rental service during summer time in different places in the Upper Sûre Nature Park and beyond.