On March 5th, 2020, in the town of Tremp, the Directorate General of Transport and Mobility presented the state of implementation of the measures of the Catalonia Action Plan to the local stakeholders: municipalities, county councils, transport operators, parks and associations, among others.
These improvements have been focused on the sustainable mobility actions implemented in the Alt Pirineu and Aran region within the Last Mile Project, such as: the improvement of public transport to the Aigüestortes National Park and Sant Maurici Lake, the coordination of train and bus services to access the Vallfosca and the Estany-Gento cable car, the cycle route of the Lakes of Lleida - La Pobla de Segur, the improvement of transport services on demand and a better information to citizens and tourists. All these actions, with the purpose of increasing the economic and tourist development.
Throughout 2020, we will be working again with the stakeholders of the Alt Pirineu and Aran region, in order to complete the circle route of the bus service of the Aigüestortes National Park, and will be adjusting the service supply of the Park Bus and Cable Car Bus to the mobility demands of the territory. We will also continue working to complete the cycle route of the Lakes of Lleida - La Pobla de Segur.
The meeting in Tremp was used to exchange experiences, good practices and suggestions with the participation and involvement of all the territory stakeholders.
The work done throughout the project has been a success, thanks to the constant involvement of all the stakeholders. This project has proven that it is possible to have flexible and efficient transport systems, adapted to the needs of both residents and tourists in the Alt Pirineu and Aran region and also respectful with the environment.