After fruitful two years and more of interregional exchange of experience, the LCA4Regions partners, supported by their local stakeholders and experts, are working to translate the lessons learnt into concrete actions, detailed in Action Plans, with the aim of improving their regional policy instruments. The Action Plans are now under development and partners are ready to embrace life cycle in their policies. But before implementing their Action Plans and reach concrete improvements at local level, partners met once last time for a Transnational Learning Journey (TLJ).

CIMBAL, the regional association for Baixo Alentejo (Portugal), hosted the 7th and final TLJ of the project. For two days, the Action Plans and their elaboration were under focus to help partners improving their regional policies thanks to LCA. The TLJ also included a peer review for partners to assess the policy instrument addressed by Baixo Alentejo Region and discuss the introduction of life cycle in it.

 Two study visits enabled partners to better apprehend the local context and understand from a concrete point of view how LCA is developed in the region. First they learned about the Wine of Alentejo Sustainability Program (a Good Practice highlighted by the project) thanks to a visit to the Quinta do Paral and the Cooperative of Cuba, Vidigueira and Alvito, with the support of the Alentejo Regional Wine Commission. Then, they visited another good practice identified, the URSA Project – Alqueva By-product Recirculation Unit – which is composting system, based on the exchange of agricultural by-products for organic fertilizer for agronomic use by farmers, materializing the circular economy of short cycles in the agricultural context.

A steering committee meeting took place during the TLJ.


Day 1 - Action Plans Elaboration

Day 1 - Study visit

Day 2 - Peer Review



Day 1 - Peer review

Day 1 - Action Plans presentations

Additional documents

TLJ agenda

Policy context of the Baixo Alentejo region

Transnational Learning Document #7