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LCA in the future of Satakunta


Stakeholders gathered together to have a look at the Action Plan of LCA4Regions...

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Bright future for LCA in public policies


Applying LCA in environmental public policies has a bright (and circular) future...

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Last week to register! LCA4Regions in Brussels


Last chance to register for the LCA4Regions stop in Brussels on 12 May to...

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LCa4Regions to stop in Brussels


LCA4Regions is organising an event on LCA from policy planning to implementation...

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Bem-vindo ao Baixo Alentejo


Discover the host of our 7th TLJ - CIMBAL – Baixo Alentejo Intermunicipal...

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5th LCA4Regions Stakeholder Event in Lodzkie Region


Regional stakeholders and industry specialists, experts from institutions...

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LCM for Regional Sustainable Development


A paper building on the mid-term analysis of LCA4Regions was presented at the...

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LCA4Regions in the news - 2021


Semester after semester, the LCA4Regions project is attracting more and more...

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Peer review Lombardy's policy context


Partners asked some questions and commented on Lombardy's policy context.

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GP LCA for monitoring and evaluating policies


6 Good Practices of LCA for monitoring and evaluating policies were presented...

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Life cycle key to Finnish low-carbon construction


The Finnish Climate Policy Roundtable discussed low-carbon construction and...

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Discovering the situation in Satakunta, Finland


Stakeholders gathered together online to update the situation in LCA4Regions...

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