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Action Plan Navarra


Discover the Action Plan for the Navarra region.

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Action Plan Lombardy


Discover the Action Plan for the Lombardy region.

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Deepening the exchange of experience


Three partners of the project engaged in additional study visits to learn even...

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Dissemination of LCA4Regions results in Navarra


Do you want to know the action plans for Navarra? The first regional Green...

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LC Approaches to Sustainable Regional Development


The 11th edition of the Life Cycle Summer School on Life Cycle Approaches to...

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Experiencing Life Cycle Initiative Conference


LCA4Regions project joined the Life Cycle Initiative Conference 2022 and...

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Satakunta visits Navarra's food distribution system


Satakunta used the possibility of bilateral visits to investigate the food...

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Lodzkie in sustainable Satakunta


On 12-13 April 2022, the Satakunta Region hosted the Lodzkie Region in Finland....

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LCA in the future of Satakunta


Stakeholders gathered together to have a look at the Action Plan of LCA4Regions...

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Bright future for LCA in public policies


Applying LCA in environmental public policies has a bright (and circular) future...

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Last week to register! LCA4Regions in Brussels


Last chance to register for the LCA4Regions stop in Brussels on 12 May to...

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LCa4Regions to stop in Brussels


LCA4Regions is organising an event on LCA from policy planning to implementation...

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