During the TLJ#6, the policy context of Lombardy will be reviewed. This second episode of the overview focuses on the European Regional Development Fund – Regional Operating Programme (POR FESR). It present an initial analysis for the potential inclusion of Life-Cycle (LC) criteria in drafting the POR FESR.

In the current version it is a working text to be shared and discussed with Regione Lombardia, project partners and stakeholders identified as being of interest; the final version will be the basis for drafting the end-of-project Action Plan, scheduled for mid-2022.

POR FESR 2014-2020

The Lombardy Region’s 2014 - 2020 Regional Operational Programme (ROP) under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) provides investment funds of nearly one billion euros (€970,474,516) with the priority objectives of the Region’s economic growth and social development as well as the enhancement of its productive capabilities.


The ERDF ROP promotes a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth model in line with the objectives identified in the “Europe 2020” strategy and with the regional government’s development policies promoting the competitiveness and sustainability of its businesses and the entire economy of the Region.

The ERDF ROP strategy lays emphasis on building an economy which uses resources efficiently, guides the development of new technologies and processes, and underpins Lombardy companies’ competitive advantages by making use of EU-wide networks, in line with the flagship initiative entitled “A resource-efficient Europe”.

Where LCA could have been used: some hints for the future programming period

The POR FESR 2014-2020 of Regione Lombardia is divided into 7 priority Axes, in turn made up of Specific Objectives; for each Specific Objective a series of Actions and Indicators are identified for monitoring the implementation of the Plan. Details on those actions and indicators are available in the full-length document on the policy context of Lombardy.

The priority axes are:

  1. Strengthen research, technological development and innovation
  2. Improving access to information and communication technologies, as well as their commitment and quality
  3. Promote the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises
  4. Support the transition to a low carbon economy in all sectors
  5. Sustainable urban development
  6. Tourism strategy of the Inner Areas
  7. Technical assistance

POR FESR 21-27

The development of the POR FESR for the period 2021-27 is currently ongoing, with an advanced draft (number 2.7) available. Being the Programme under development during LCA4Regions project activities, it has already absorbed some of the project ideas, thanks to the dialogue among the Regional Environmental Authority, its technical assistance and the project.

Main Challenges and Priorities

The document "Main Challenges and Priorities for the POR FESR 2021-2027" of Regione Lombardia, following an analysis of the regional context of reference also in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic scenario, which includes interesting references to the topic of sustainability, presents three main challenges for Regione Lombardia: the promotion of equality and equity for citizens, the transition towards a model of sustainable development and growth, and the consolidation of the competitiveness and attractiveness of the regional system.

On the basis of these challenges and the priorities defined by Regione Lombardia and the European Commission within the ERDF, 3 Priorities are identified which are in turn divided into a complex of 11 Specific Objectives, in reference to which the following considerations are reported, which are add to those carried out in the previous section regarding the POR FESR 2014-2020. More accurate and detailed evaluations can be made on draft plans more advanced than in this document.

The relevant priorities are:

  • Priority OP1 - A more Competitive and Intelligent Europe
  • Priority OP2 - A Greener, Low Carbon Europe and in Transition Towards Decarbonization and Resilience
  • Priority OP5 - A Europe Closer to Citizens

Lombardy Region has selected a set of actions to focus the insertion of life-cycle aspects. The selected actions are listed in the document on the policy context of Lombardy, grouped into main areas of interest:

Presence of life cycle approach

Life-cycle criteria have already been included in some of the Priorities and Specific Objectives of the current POR FESR draft, in the following actions:

  • A Greener, Low Carbon Europe and in Transition Towards Decarbonization and Resilience
  • A more competitive and intelligent Europe
  • A greener, low carbon emission Europe in transition towards decarbonization and resilience

The document on the policy context of Lombardy is listing in which way and with which objectives LCA is included.