Semester after semester, the LCA4Regions project is attracting more and more media’s attention. Maybe you have spotted these articles in your local newspapers?

The training sessions on circular economy started by CIMBAL in September got reported by Radiopax.

In Spain, the newspaper Navarra Capital reported on another activity implemented thanks to LCA4Regions. -    Indeed, Sagamóvil, Unsain and Albisu won the first vehicle public tenders that prioritize sustainability using a LCC formula as learnt from Slovenia. Read the article here (in Spanish):

TLJ are always a powerful tool to shed light on the LCA4Regions activities. The TLJ#5, in Lodzkie, has been featured on the website of the Department of International Projects of the Lodzkie Region:

Similarly, several Italian media showed interest in the TLJ#6 and reported on the event:

The scientific community also has its eyes on the project. A review article published in the  scientific journal ’Sustainability’ discuss how regions worldwide are employing life cycle procedures to improve their sustainability performance. Among other sources, this Review drew on selected life cycle practices as reported by regions participating in the LCA4Regions project. Both life cycle assessment (e.g. LCA, carbon footprints, and LCC) and life cycle management procedures (e.g. eco-design, EPD, green public procurement) were mentioned among the partner initiatives. The Review article noted a gradual increase in the use of life cycle instruments that form a comprehensive ”toolbox”, but that further effort is needed to familiarise regional officials in their effective application.  At the same time, life cycle professionals need to adapt these instruments further for regional use in order to gain the full potential from their use.”  The article quotes numerous examples of regional life cycle initiatives, and includes useful guidance for their application. A reference is made to useful training and familiarisation opportunities through the organisation FSLCI.

Photo by Bank Phrom on Unsplash