The Regional Dissemination Event of Satakunta, Finland, was organised 31st of May 2022 in Rauma. Presentations and discussions of the event focused on the Action Plan of Satakunta, LCA in food production, climate policies, and ways to diminish food waste. Altogether 12 participants attended the event and discussions.

Pekka Maijala, specialist at Pyhäjärvi Institute, presented the outcomes of LCA4Regions project and the Action Plan of Satakunta, along with the brand new video prepared in the project. After that, Milja Karjalainen, executive director of Commune center of Satakunta, presented the situation of food aid in Satakunta region. This presentation was followed by lively discussions among participants.

Oskari Lahtinen, specialist at Pyhäjärvi Institute, gave a presentation about life cycle assessment in farms, a new project where LCA is used to find out the environmental impacts of the primary sector of food production. Finally, Meri Olenius, lecturer at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, presented the development and future of climate policy in Satakunta along with the CANEMURE project.