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... the Action Plan for the Satakunta Region

During LCA4Regions project Satakunta region, represented by the Pyhäjärvi Institute, has been able to collect regional experiences with life cycle approaches from different parts of Europe. Thematic areas included all those integral to sustainable development and will match exceptionally well with the development activities carried out under Satakunta’s Regional Strategy and Regional Programme that are based on responsible practice and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The numerous Good Practises identified were reflected in Satakunta, and as particularly interesting, both social and resource efficiency issues tackling GPs related to Food re-distribution systems (particularly by Navarra and Lombardy examples) were used as the basis for the new Action Plan of Satakunta: Improved resource efficiency and resilience through life cycle assessment for food distribution systems.

Action steps include building a model for efficient food distribution systems with a guidance through life cycle assessment. LCA methodologies will be used for guiding to improve digitalised networking between food suppliers, public authorities, social and health sector, food distribution organisations & restaurants. Carbon footprinting analyses will be used for guiding of actions, logistics etc. The project(s) will be funded by ERDF and/or ESF Funds.

More? Have a look at the Action Plan for the Satakunta Region.