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... the Action Plan for the Baixo Alentejo

With two actions,CIMBAL will integrate life cycle, life cycle analysis criteria and its public procurement costs to improve ERDF OP 2021-2027 management procedures in what regards the preparation of new calls and the integration of circular and life cycle criteria in the forthcoming calls.

A first action aims to integrate Life cycle criteria in CIMBAL central purchasing procedures and to integrate Life cycle and its costs in public procurement taking Into consideration defined and specific product groups. The inclusion of circularity and Life cycle analysis into purchasing procedures with a prospect of extended life-cycle and product customization can generally be applied to the majority of procurement procedures which are related to the development of new sustainable products and services. This is highly related to the specific objective of the policy instrument: “Making the economy circular” and “Reducing risks and valuing environmental Assets.”.

A second action targets green public procurement and capacity building. The implementation of this action will contribute to a more circular transition in the region of Alentejo. Public and private sector informative and educational events/workshops will be organized, where interested bodies will be invited, in order to participate and to be informed and trained on the use of product Life cycle analysis.

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