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Regional Action Plan of our project in Italy


Implementing Regional Action Plan in Marche Region

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Developing low-carbon districts in Croatia


Partnership of REGEA and City of Karlovac in developing low-carbon districts in...

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LC District project results in Sweden


Read about the LC District project results in Sweden

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Developing LC districts in the Czech Republic


What changes has the international LC Districts project brought to the Zlín...

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Transforming the Built Environment of our Cities


Summary of the LC Districts project final event in Brussels

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Navarra Action Plan development


In Navarra Region, the first workshop presenting the Regional Action Plan was...

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Study visits to Italy and Sweden


At the end of the project we were able to organize study visits to the Marche...

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Experimental project: ecological village of Eransus


Ecological village of Eransus, an example of a healthier and more sustainable...

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Marche Region: The Role of the ITACA Urban Protocol


ITACA Urban Scale protocol is a multi-criteria assessment system for the...

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LC District online Study Visit in Croatia


The summary of our last study visit in Croatia.

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Sustainable and SMART village Hostětín (CZE)


The story of Hostětín, one of the most progressive municipalities in the Czech...

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Towards climate neutrality in Croatia


Article on the important role of energy agencies in the implementation of...

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