The Interreg Europe LC Districts project has passed its second phase, in which the participating regions implemented their Regional Action Plans. Although a large part of the project activities was significantly affected by the global pandemic situation, the second phase of the project was successful in implementing all the prepared Regional Action Plans.

The last meeting of the consortium took place in Brussels (10th of October 2022), where the partners shared their experiences in the implementation of the Regional Action Plans, and at the end of the meeting the participation in the LC Districts project and its benefits for each represented partner were evaluated.

The following day, 11th of October 2022, the final high-level dissemination event took place, hosted by one of the project partners, the Italian Marche Region. More than 40 stakeholders participated in this final dissemination event, both in person and online, as the meeting was a hybrid event.

Mrs. Barbora Vlasatá, representative of the Czech CTU UCEEB (project communication manager) and Ms. Beatriz San Martín, representative of the Spanish project partner Nasuvinsa, moderated this dissemination event.

In the introductory part of the meeting, the representative of the Government of Navarra Mr. Javier Etayo, briefly introduced the LC Districts project and one of its outputs in the form of a Road Map video.

This was followed by 3-minute video presentations by each of the 5 regions, where presenting their experience in implementing the Regional Action Plan. The contributions of each region can be viewed here.

The final dissemination meeting was also attended by a representative of Interreg Europe Programme Mrs. Charo Camacho, the Policy Officer of the Joint Secretariat, who presented Interregional Cooperation Opportunities in the Interreg Europe Programme 2021-2027.

At the end of the event the results from the 2 represented regions were presented in detail. The first one was presented by representatives of Croatian partner REGEA Northwest Croatia Regional Energy Agency Mr. Tomislav Novosel and Mr. Miljenko Sedlar who shared their experience in integrating the Energy and Climate measures in the Spatial Planning development process. The second one was presented by the representative of Pamplona City Council Mr. José Costero, who shared the new challenge for rebuilding: from Low Carbon to Positive Energy Districts.

Finally, Ms. Izaskun Abril, Urban Planning General Director in Government of Navarra, closured the event highlighting the importance of interregional projects, where experiences can be shared, and knowledge is acquired.

We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to meet again in person at the end of the project, and to present in person the results of our joint efforts to all the participants of our last meeting. We believe that the project outputs will be transferable beyond the regions participating in the project.