Aragon has hosted a new meeting on the characterization of spaces contaminated by the manufacture of Lindane, from the project "Pilot Project to Evaluate and Address the Presence of Lindane and Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) in the European Union" (HCH in EU), of which The Government of Aragon is part of it, through SARGA, together with the Dutch consultancy TAUW and the German CDM Europa.

The Government of Aragon continues on the path of decontamination of the residues from the manufacture of Lindane.

The conference began Tuesday, May 18, 2021, with a visit to the facilities of the old Inquinosa factory and the Sardas landfill. Likewise, the project participants have also visited the Bailín landfill, where they have been able to learn about the progress of the Life Surfing project, focused on this last site.

After the visit, a technical workshop took place at the headquarters of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment in the San Pedro Nolasco Building (Zaragoza), in which the general director of Natural Environment and Forest Management, Marta de Santos, and the mayor of Sabiñánigo, Berta Fernández.

The possible technical solutions for the sites were discussed and the actions carried out by the Government of Aragon were presented, as well as the progress made in the European Life Surfing and Interreg Europe Lindanet projects.