During the workshop physical site visit took place. The problem of HCH contamination in Jaworzno was presented on-site. The contaminated areas in the surrounding of Chemical Plant Organika-Azot S.A in the valley of the Wąwolnica stream, which connects with the Przemsza River, which in turn connects with the Vistula River flowing into the Baltic Sea, were visited. The lindane production in the Jaworzno had been performed predominantly from 1965 till 1982. For years, hazardous waste were deposited at the Rudna Góra Central Landfill and in the surrounding areas. It is estimated that over 200 000 ton of hazardous waste, including a minimum of 31 300 ton of HCH waste, are deposited in the Wąwolnica stream Valley.

During the second part of the meeting, the Action Plan for Silesian Voivodeship was presented and discussed. Experts discussed the legal issue and the current practices in the field of limitation the environmental contamination, including the example former ZACHEM Chemical Plant and activities undertaken by Bydgoszcz in relation to environmental hazards in the area.