Program overview

The 4th Stakeholder Meeting, which was dedicated to the site visit of the Bitterfeld megasite and its vicinity, started at the center of the chemical park. A bus was waiting there for the participants, to take them to the relevant sites throughout the day. During the first 2 hours the bus was also used for a guided tour to present the production and deposition sites as well as the general history of the megasite. 

At the beginning Mrs. Schaffranka (LAF) welcomed the participants before Mr. Stansch (CPG – Chemiepark Bitterfeld-Wolfen GmbH) started the tour of the megasite. The end of the guided bus tour was the Antonie pit, the largest HCH landfill in Bitterfeld, where Mr. Basmer (MDSE - Mitteldeutsche Sanierungs- und Entsorgungsgesellschaft mbH) presented the history and currently implemented measures at the site. Afterwards the group was transferred to the Groundwater pre-treatment plant and nearby joint wastewater treatment plant (GKW). Here, the highly polluted groundwater from hydraulic barriers in the chemical park undergoes initial pre-treatment and gets subsequently diluted with household wastewater. Afterwards the mixed wastewater can be treated in the GKW before being discharged into the adjacent watercourse. The presentation of the Groundwater pre-treatment plant was given by Mr. Dorausch (MDSE) the introduction of the GKW by its managing director, Mr. Dietrich. In addition, Mr. Dietrich provided the premises where the lunch break could take place.

In the afternoon, the participants were taken to this day with HCH contaminated Spittelwasser floodplain, about 4 km away from Bitterfeld. It is located between the chemical park and the Mulde floodplain. Historical source of contamination for both floodplain areas is the formerly, mainly untreated wastewater from Bitterfeld megasite. Mr. Ellwert from the County of Anhalt-Bitterfeld gave a tour throughout the area and a brief presentation on the history of the site. Finally, last questions as well as current and upcoming milestones in LINDANET were addressed before the bus brought the participants back to the starting point.