Introduction to the topic of the 4th and 5th Interregional Thematic Workshop - the preparation and presentation of proposed Regional Action Plans.

Focus of the ITW4 was on preparation of the Regional Action Plan, while focus of ITW5 was on presentation of the proposed actions. Thus, after consultation and approval by the Joint Secretariat the 4th and 5th Stakeholder Group Meetings were merged into one as they would both address the RAPs. The reason for delay in implementation and merger of meetings was the covid pandemics. Participants of the 4th SGM were informed about methodology to prepare RAPs, about proposed actions of RERA and other partners and also about the proposed RAP, which was in a draft stage at the time. Sites in Jaworzno, Poland and Galicia, Spain (presented during ITW4 and ITW5) were summarized by RERA.

After presentation of the content of ITW4 and ITW5, discussion on transferability of knowledge and experience into the ecosystem of South Bohemia region was held. After that, discussion about the proposed actions and RAP as a whole was initiated.