Action 3 of the Institute of Advanced Studies joins to an already functioning smartphone application of Kőszeg (“Kőszeg Walks”). Visitors and users of the application could acquire relevant historical and cultural information about the Chernel-family and what they had done for boosting the town of Kőszeg. Kálmán and István Chernel were both famous residents and scientists of Kőszeg: István was an ornithologist, while his father, Kálmán was a lawyer and a local historian in the XIX. century.

The work started with a preliminary research on the different interesting stories of the Chernel family by the historians of iASK. In parallel with this we finalize the Walk’s stops based on the work done by the historians and then we start writing the descriptions of the stops firstly in Hungarian language. In May we upload the Walk into the “Kőszegi Séták” application and we plan to introduce it on 10th May,  Day of Birds and Trees in a guided tour. In June 2022 a printed map and an English language description will be created and will be available in the local Tourinform office.