The first action of the action plan of iASK, a call for artistic work for students in the town was successfully implemented from February to June 2022. The aim of this action was to further strengthen the school town traditions of Kőszeg. There were 3 important elements of the school town action: the first one was the call for the students, the second one was the social media campaign that supported the call: a lot of information was shared about the history of the schools and famous personalities of Kőszeg, furthermore video messages of former students. The third element was the school town logo created in collaboration with the municipality. Badges were handed over by the mayor to the graduated students and we hope that this will become a beautiful school town tradition in future. The design of the logo was made by a graphic artist, a former student of Kőszeg. We can say that all 3 elements of the action were very well received, they moved several generations, a large number of works have been submitted to the call, the videos and posts were liked and shared by many, and the graduating students are proud to wear the badge. A total of 69 works were received in the individual and team categories, with 93 students applying which is a very huge number. All applicants received a school town bag. An exhibition was organized from the works of the students, the opening was successful, many local people came.