The action plan developed by the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, within the framework of the LOCARBO project aims at positively influencing Norte2020, the Operational Programme of the Northern Region of Portugal, tackling energy efficiency in public infrastructures of local administration. Some of the planned activities are already underway. 

Action line 1 foresees the implementation of energy efficiency measures in a total of 15 buildings under municipal management, achieving a reduction of 1,303,840 kWh/year in energy consumption. One social housing building has already been retrofitted (achieving a reduction of 50,426.03 kWh/year in energy consumption) and another one is under development. The rehabilitation of the remaining 13 will start before the end of the year, including interventions in the building envelope for the installation of new insulation systems and/or external coatings replacement. 


In October 2018, under action line 2 “Awareness-raising sessions on energy management and rational use for social housing residents”, the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia distributed flyers to social housing residents, including advice for saving energy while maintaining thermal comfort. The first of two awareness-raising sessions will be held later this year to demonstrate to this population under disadvantageous socio-economic conditions how behaviour change can be translated into effective savings in their electricity bill. 

In May 2019, under action line 4, a survey was distributed to the workers of a municipal building to assess their knowledge and habits related to energy consumption. Later this year, the survey results will be presented at an awareness-raising session targeting the respondents.