Representatives from Berkoa, Fundiciones Garbi, Nemak Spain, Karten Space, Fagor Arrasate and Angulas Aguinaga meet at Innobasque, having been invited by the Basque Government within the framework of the Manumix project in order to share their experiences of participating in R+D+I support programmes.

The Manumix Interreg Europe project, in which Innobasque is a participant, alongside the Basque Government and Orkestra, aims to strengthen and improve the evaluation mechanisms used by the group of regional programmes in the area of advanced manufacturing. In doing this, they will harness synergies and prevent any possible overlaps.

This meeting, taking place in the form of a workshop, was born of the need to better understand the ways in which companies benefit from different R+D+I support programmes and to understand the ways in which these programmes can be combined.

The six companies participating in the workshop have shared information regarding their participation in R+D+I support programmes, selection processes and the combination of support mechanisms that they use to meet their needs, as well as the impact that these participations have generated in terms of the development of technology and the improvement of their products and processes.

The information that the companies contribute will be used by Orkestra to create a starting analysis of advanced manufacturing policies in the four European regions that are participating in the project: Euskadi, Lithuania, Piedmont and Wales.