The next MARIE meeting is coming up fast. On the 6th of February, we’ll meet in Bucharest, hosted by our partner UEFISCDI in the Impact Hub.

In the morning, partners are going to look at the regional feasibility checks carried out on their Action plans. What does that mean?? Ok, in plain English: all of our partners are working hard to see where elements of responsible innovation can be integrated into their public policy. But how do they know if what they are doing is correct, feasible, relevant, appreciated? They work with their regional stakeholders and engage them in each phase of work. In this case, they followed a check list designed to check the economic, cultural, technical and political feasibility of the policy improvements they are working on. In Bucharest, we will find out how that went, what results emerged and what happens next.

In the afternoon, we are taking part in an Innovation Café. Our Romanian partners have perfected the art of holding dynamic and informative events on themes related to innovation. They are going to show us how it is done, with an event focused on Responsible Innovation & Social Innovation in Practice.