MARIE and the open innovation network Percorsi Erratici partner to offer MARIE local stakeholders the chance to participate in one of Percorsi Erratici co-creation meeting.
The meeting will build on the specific experience of one of the enterprises that are member of the network VM Sistemi SpA: its innovation patterns, its innovation goals, hot innovation topics within the sector, what brews in VM Sistemi innovation department.
A key note speech from an external experts will add knowledge and providing inspiration.
A brainstoming will follow to stir everything together and generate ideas for innovation, that will be further funneled along the Percorsi Erratici methodological steps.
MARIE stakeholders will get their hands dirty with open innovation and further understand what it is about and how it can happen.
The meeting will also be the chance to touch base on MARIE on going activities, check with local stakehoders about their expectations and keep them keen in being part of rolling out MARIE.
The meeting will take place at Rimini Innovation Square on April 11th, 2017 and invitation is open to all quadruple-helix stakeholders.
The event will be in Italian ony and will focus on some Industry 4.0 issues.