This month Region of Attica, as a partner of MARIE, is actively participating in its first Regional RRI Maturity Assessment. This report is being developed together with Athens University of Economics and Business, through desk research and overview of the main R&I policy documents of the Region.

The MARIE working group is also gathering feedback from the departments that deal with research and innovation. The Local Stakeholder Group, which gathers private and public actors from across the region, has also provided their input in order to enhance the results. The indicators used in order to assess the maturity of RRI in the region were discussed with the members of the Local Stakeholder Group during its second meeting (November 2017).

According to the first findings, the assessment of RRI in Attica Region seems to be MODEST. This confirms the importance of the MARIE project for bringing the concept of RRI into regional development tools. The report will be finalised and shared by the beginning of March 2018.