Open innovation platform policy has been one of the focuses in Tampere region for about 10 years. When we talk about an open innovation platform, we mean a platform that organises different practices of the open innovation process and co-creation to create value. Thanks to active policy making, common interests of different actors and enthusiastic personalities, Tampere has been able to create a regional atmosphere and mindset of actors that make open innovation possible. A good example of this is Demola Network, which has grown from a local open innovation platform into a global business.

Open innovation platform thinking has many sides that can be seen as key responsible elements. Firstly, the idea of openness, where actors and the region itself can benefit from the results of RDI, is one key element of responsible innovation. Platforms can provide an innovation processes that are open for every interested actor. Inclusiveness is written deep into platform thinking. It provides a good mindset for citizen participation and strong connectivity with the stakeholders. When it is about co-creativity, the variety and diversity of participants are beneficial for the results of the innovation process.

However, responsible research and innovation (RRI) has never really been discussed in relation to the open innovation platforms. What does RRI mean in innovation platform context? What kind of elements and questions does RRI bring out for platform development? These issues will be discussed in a seminar where open innovation platform developing experts and RRI experts meet in Tampere on the 29th of May. The seminar is organised as a collaboration between MARIE and the Finnish national 6Aika OIP spearhead project.

There is a great trust that this event will create at least the first knowledge of what responsible open innovation platforms are about. This will be beneficial for Tampere region when developing the future innovation and ecosystem policy and for the other regions in the MARIE project.

More information on the seminar will follow – watch this space!

Photographer: Laura Vanzo, Source: Visit Tampere Oy