The MARIE project is looking forward to collaborating with the Responsible Innovation SUMMIT in Dublin, Ireland on the 16th October for what will be a very exciting event.

The SUMMIT aims to identify key factors which are shaping the next generation of innovations and investments! Join the community of leading professionals from different sectors to share ideas that matter regarding future-shaping concepts. Inevitable trends are here to stay towards responsible investments, value-driven consumer expectations and major economic changes driven by new technologies and emerging global challenges. Discover more about the concept of responsible innovation and how it means great power and advantage in the hands of innovators!

SUMMIT Highlights include: 

Profit with purposeValue-driven entrepreneurship has the potential to challenge the status quo of “business as usual” and turn markets upside down. Are you ready to answer the call from a growing number of value-oriented customers who are demanding more from brands than ever before? Great risks and opportunities are out there, secure your spot in this new space! 

Collaboration in ActionOpening up your innovation process could bring you brighter ideas, better project management and rewards on the market. Let’s be honest, it’s not as easy as it seems to manage collaboration effectively in real life. Learning curves could be shortened if you get the tricks from experts, who already played the game of sharing. 

Feel the flowLatest economic, investment and innovation trends are paving the way forward to create better business solutions using the power of innovation. Hot topics such as AI, data management, robotics, new workforces are shaping our life, check out what not to be missed in your next strategic plans? Get insights from professional with field experience to unlock your potential! 

Business SPIRIT Awards: To be the first in something is inspiring and challenging at the same time. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and we’d like to encourage every leader to hold on and keep believing in their value-driven business mission. Therefore, this recognition is for those who have a business idea or an already running business where shared values are a key element of their strategy. 

MARIE’s Mid-Term Event The MARIE Mid-Term Event will take the form of a splinter session within the Responsible Innovation SUMMIT. The idea is that this will be an inter-project exchange event, which will explore different facets of responsible research and innovation.  

More information about the Responsible Innovation SUMMIT can be found here

Photo Credit: Istocks/SAKhanPhotography