On 27th June, MARIE partners from Tampere Regional Council and CISE were invited to join PRISMA final conference in Brussels.
The PRISMA project has conducted pilot studies with 8 companies to help them integrate Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) into their innovation process and business practices. The main objectives of the project are to:

integrate RRI in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies of 8 companies

provide evidence on how the RRI approach and attention for the gender dimension can improve the innovation process and its outcomes

• develop and test of a roadmap that helps industries to implement RRI in their innovation processes as part of their CSR policy, thus helping them to deal with uncertainty, risks and public and ethical concerns of transformative technologies

• encourage broad uptake of this roadmap by companies through, industry associations, CSR and branch organisations, governments and CSOs

To disseminate the results of MARIE, Tiina Ramstedt-Sen from Tampere Region gave a presentation about including RRI evaluation into innovation funding. The concrete pilot case gave a picture of how practical changes can be made to the ERDF funding instrument and how RRI can be evaluated within innovation projects. The presentation raised interesting discussions about evaluation of ethics, particularly in AI. The presentation had positive feedback, as it drew attention to the role of regional policy makers (often a neglected group in H2020 research projects) in making RRI happen on the ground.
The conference had collected a wide range of RRI specialists from universities, research institutions, companies and public sector, including European Commission.

MARIE is happy and proud to be part of the common European effort for the integration of the Responsible Research Innovation approach. We wish all the best for the next steps of the PRISMA community to continue the work for RRI.
Hope to stay in touch!