For several years now, actors supporting social innovation have been structuring their action in order to improve the visibility of social innovation and to accompany it in the territories. This resulted in the creation of the social innovation incubator, Alter Incub, and the organisation of a regional social innovation day in June 2019 in Orléans.

Nevertheless, the regional players wanted to go further. They decided to structure a specific innovation support ecosystem under the "French Impact" banner, in connection with the economic development support ecosystem (via Dev'up and the REDCVL network of economic developers) and other regional initiatives.

French Impact is the national banner that federates all the actors who make social and environmental innovation a lever for the transformation of the country. It creates alliances between companies, public authorities, communities and actors of the social and solidarity economy. It identifies local initiatives to turn them into national solutions and inspire public policies.

More specifically, the CVL region wants to be part of the labelling programme of local ecosystems of social innovation for the benefit of the resolution of 3 challenges identified and chosen by these territories. Thus, the regional stakeholders have agreed on a common roadmap, through 3 objectives:  

  • Valuing social innovation
  • Strengthen and develop the support chain
  • Spreading social innovation in the territories

The regional players met several times this autumn to identify the first courses of action. These will be integrated with the MARIE Action Plan for Centre-Val de Loire, officially starting its implementation phase at the start of 2020. Watch this space!