The University of Bologna, together with the other Project Partners has finalized a tool to assess the performance of planning and design solutions of modal interchange, boosting sustainable multimodal mobility. The tool foresees 2 different evaluation levels:

  •  one is focused on policies and strategies (planning level);
  • one is targeted to interchange transport nodes (design level).

Therefore, the Evaluation System allows users to set different design and/or planning scenarios, analysing and comparing their specific performance in terms of enabling an efficient modal interchange. The tool was built upon specific factors that influence the efficiency of the interchange, which have been identified within the Good Practices collected and analysed in the MATCH-UP Handbook.

The Evaluation System is therefore an important result of the exchange of experience on multimodal and low-carbon mobility we have undertaken in these last 2 years, which can be easily transferred.

If you are interested in understand more and download the tool, please write us!