Through two new financing contracts under the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, in total amount of 51 million euros, the financing for the rehabilitation of the tram lines and the modernization of Calea Bogdăneştilor St. will be ensured, respectively for seven more new and modern trams. The first project envisages the rehabilitation of Calea Bogdăneştilor St. from the intersection with Cetăţii Boulevard and up to the return loop from Ronaţ neighborhood. The tram line will be double, will be located in the middle of the road and framed by green spaces with trees. 2.25 kilometers of double line will be rehabilitated, plus 0.45 kilometers - the area of the return loop, resulting in a total of 4.95 kilometers of modernized runway. The road infrastructure will be reconfigured: the road will be widened to four lanes, sidewalks and bicycle lanes will be arranged on both directions.  

Also, the project provides for the rehabilitation of 7 public transport stations on the respective route. These stations will be illuminated and adapted to the needs of the disabled, will be equipped with benches and trash cans, video surveillance equipment, ticket machines, LCD panels and other facilities. Bicycle racks in the integrated rental system will be located nearby. More than 9,500 square meters of green space will be developed, of which approximately 8,500 square meters of newly green spaces created, and a new electricity supply system will be implemented in the area.

Another project aims at constructing a new tram line and modernizing the entire road complex, having as limits the Solvent platform and the intersection with General Ion Dragalina Blvd., and aims to increase the quality of life in the urban space by increasing accessibility, mobility, attractiveness and improving comfort and overall urban image.

The project will include the following: double tram line, four-lane road, construction of bicycle lanes, sidewalks, green spaces, video surveillance integrated in the traffic management system.

A third project aims to promote ecological and sustainable multimodal urban mobility by building a new road and tram link to the west of the city, on the alignment of traffic ring IV. The integrated mobility corridor on the route of traffic ring IV involves its completion and closure, by carrying out projects that provide road connections, public transport and non-motorized transport (cycling, pedestrian). The project is integrated with the project “C4. Rehabilitation of tram lines and modernization of streets in Timişoara, Line 5, Calea Bogdăneștilor”, with the project “C9a. Ring IV West: Solventul Lower Passage” and with the project “C10. New tram line: Solventul - Gara de Nord”, resulting in the arrangement of a complex transport node at the current western end of Gării St., in which a connection of three tram lines will be ensured, from three directions, more precisely in the node made in the Solventul Lower Passage will meet the newly built tram line on Calea Bogdăneștilor, the newly built tram line on Gării St. and the tram line related to this project.

This connection will create a new opening of the area, aiming to increase the quality of life in the urban space by increasing accessibility, mobility, attractiveness and by improving comfort and the overall urban image.