The Municipality of Funchal carried out a set of site visits geared at the student community with the purpose of fostering behavioral change towards soft modes. Involving schools had become relevant, following the Green-Schools Travel Programme, a MATCH-UP good practice that inspired the Municipality of Funchal to pursue actions to aware youngsters for the importance of multimodality and sustainability.

The site visit, entitled “Mobility & Accessibility in Funchal: The Path Towards Sustainability” aimed to showcase, throughout the city core, the actions that were implemented by the Municipality such as rechargers for Electric Vehicles, technological devices such as sensors and traffic counters, traffic light controllers, public transport strategy, freight logistics, etc. The site visit also included some of the MATCH-UP good practices, such as the policy restriction actions for vehicles, Kiss & Ride and the autonomous crosswalks that combines energetic efficiency and road safety.

The site visits ended in the Municipality’s main building in which the students were greeted by the City Councillor responsible for urban mobility and traffic. A quiz was also handed out to participants in order to evaluate the event. 4 site visits were carried out in which a total of 90 students attended the events.

It is expected, in the future, that the Municipality of Funchal will reach out to other schools to further disseminate these site-visits and bring students together, while shaping multimodality among newer generations.