The STRIA South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. (STRIA) assigned its pilot action jointly with Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and University of Pécs (UP) in the frame of Medtech 4 Europe project, which was officially approved by the Interreg Europe monitoring committee on 5 April 2021. It means that the implementation can start accordingly.

The pilot action is based on the third action of STRIA’s action plan, its title is effective promotion and marketing for the better utilisation of medical technology research and development infrastructure. It is dedicated to testing the feasibility of the transfer of the French “CEA Technological Innovation Showroom” Medtech4 Europe good practice to Hungary.


The activities of this measure cover three main section, such as:

  • Preparation part for testing the good practice transfer,
  • Implementation part for testing the good practice transfer,
  • Evaluation-policy influencing part related to testing the good practice transfer.

The three partners have their own role in the pilot:

STRIA: Lead Partner of the pilot action, a Medtech4 Europe project partner responsible for communication-dissemination, a professional innovation agency, coordinates the whole testing process of transferring the medical technology promotion and marketing French good practice to Hungarian ecosystem circumstances. Coordinator for the “Evaluation-policy influencing part related to testing the good practice transfer”. Actively takes part in all tasks-activities of all, including the two other parts of the pilot action not led by STRIA.

CEA: The cooperative entity represents the Medtech4 Europe project partnership as the knowledge partner. Being the donor of the French good practice, coordinates the “Preparation part for testing the good practice transfer”. Also collaborates in all tasks, even if they are not the leader.


UP: Pilot action partner that is not a member of the Medtech4 Europe project partnership, University of Pécs is the recipient of the testing of transfer of the French good practice. Coordinator for the “Implementation part for testing the good practice transfer”. Participates in all activities as well, which are not led by UP.

The final aim is to demonstrate the added value of the showroom in medical technology infrastructure promotion and marketing as a potential new eligible activity to the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (EDIOP) 2021-2027.