15 June

We started the morning by registering for the EXPO, which was held in Palazzo Lombardia at the same time as the conference.

The meeting started at 10:00 with the opening by Cristina De Capitani, Cluster Manager (Custer TAV - TechForLife). Then we heard the welcome speech of Maurizio Crippa, President of Custer TAV - TechForLife, Ana Mihaljevic, Policy Officer (Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat), presented the current state of play of Interreg Europe and finally the project lead partner Céline Quester (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region) gave an overview of the current state of play of the Medtech4 Europe project.

The round table discussions started at 11:00. There were three round table discussions on three topics.

The first session was on "Exchange of experience between regions to improve the promotion of innovation" and was moderated by Dr. Giuseppe Andreoni , Professor at the Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano.

During the first round table, participants discussed how to effectively promote innovation in the field of medical technology. The adoption of the CEA Technology Innovation Showroom initiative in the South Transdanubian region was a good example, and the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to clinical trials was also mentioned.

The first round table was attended by Edina Szabó-Melegh, Assistant Professor at the Department of Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Pécs, Marco Bernasconi (CEO - FlaNat Research Italia Srl), CEO - FlaNat Research Italia Srl and Jacqueline Fritz (Project consultant, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum), Project consultant - Steinbeis Europa Zentrum.

The second round table was organised around the theme "Supporting medtech SMEs through regional actions". The moderator was Dr. Flavio Ventura (GM Conf Industries S.r.l).

From the discussion, we learned about support measures for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to take advantage of the new regulatory environment in each country. The subsequent presentations presented the SME perspective along the theme "Digital therapies for cognitive rehabilitation in the home". Finally, we were also given an insight into the development of a non-financial support scheme for SMEs.

The participants of the round table were Izabela Czeremcha (Project Manager, Upper Silesian Accelerator for Commercial Enterprises Ltd -GAPR), Project Manager, Upper Silesian Agency For Entrepreneurship And Development Ltd, Heikki Kallasvaara, Senior Consultant - Helsinki-Uusimaa Region and Felice Catania, Senior Technical Support & Business Consultant - Astir S.r.L.

The third round table discussion focused on improving regional and European cooperation and its impact on future preparedness, addressing the challenges this poses in the field of medical technology.

The third and last moderator was Dr. Franco Molteni  - Director of the Rehabilitation Department of Valduce Hospital.

Last but not least, the speakers were Yvo Graus, Chief Operating Officer - Brightlands Maastricht Health, Cristina Andersson(Senior Consultant - Develor Productions Oy), Senior Consultant, Dario Montermini(Founder - P.G.M.D Consulting), Founder, Daniëlle Curfs (CEO at Medace BV).

After the presentations we had lunch together and had the opportunity to attend the EXPO.