On June 27, 2018 MOLOC joined the Interregional Cooperation for Energy Transition Day co-organised by three Interreg Europe projects REBUS, Violet and Set-Up in Florence, Italy.

This event brought together 14 Interreg Europe projects with an interest in improving Policy for the multifaceted topic of energy transition in Europe.

The highlight of the day was the business case competition. All Interreg Europe projects invited represented a European funding organisation that has budget to finance actions related to the top priorities on energy for the next 10 years. So each project had to present its business case in order to win the (virtual) funding.

Aurélien Parsy, coordinator of MOLOC for the City of Lille, chose to compete with the following presentation: "Smart energy engagement of public buildings: how to save energy with a shrinking budget". This presentation gathered the good practices identified since the beginning of the project on the topic of energy efficiency in public buildings.

MOLOC presented a three-steps approach for efficient renovation of public buildings. Each step of this approach has been observed in partner cities:

1/ Measure energy consumptions: the cities of Katowice and Torino presented their energy management system, which allowed them to target the best savings potentials.

2/ Educate building users: the City of Hamburg trains janitors at school on energy efficiency; Lille appointed "energy janitors" in 16 strategic buildings.

3/ Creative innovative funds: the City of Lille is developping the "intracting method" were energy savings finance building rénovations thanks to a revolving fund.

This presentation focused on concrete actions, seduced the audience and MOLOC won the business case competition! This price acknowledges the intense exchanges developed within the project and will boost our motivation.

Back-to-back with this event, MOLOC attended the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform which held a Thematic Workshop on Energy Efficiency on June 28, in Florence.