The City of Torino, partner of the MOLOC project, is currently revising its city-wide urban development strategy The General Master Plan Metropolitano. Forefront visions and ideas are needed to feed this strategy.

With MOLOC, Torino aims at strengthening the sustainable aspects of its master plan. The last interregional meeting of MOLOC phase 1 was the perfect occasion to benefit from partners' venue. On 14 and 15 November the City and the Urban Center Metropolitano organised a morning conference on the topic of low carbon urban shapes. 

Professor Serge Salat, founder of the Institute of Urban Morphologies, did a 2.5 hours presentation that was live broadcasted on Facebook. He explored the meanings of sustainability shapes and illustrated it with many examples. More than 100 people participated in the event, not enough chairs in the room!

In the afternoon stood only Torino's stakeholders, PHD students together with MOLOC partners, to design concrete actions on three themes: which most important indicators should define sustainable urban strategies? How could we define Torino's DNA of urban shapes? How could we apply these principles to a specific urban site in Torino?

After such enriching exchanges, partners finished this meeting on the day after with the traditional steering group meeting. Last mile before submission of the action plan!