This January Mehedinti County celebrated a MOMAr Tour to Ponoarele where representatives of the territorial administrative units (Ponoarele, Isverna, Podeni, Cireşu, Godeanu, Baia de Arama), NGOs (Association for Tourism "Mehedintiul de sub Munte", Association Zona Carstica Ponoarele) from the northern area of the county, and of the Mehedinti Plateau Geopark Administration received information about MOMAr project and the good practices presented by the partners within the three previous interregional events, as well as the Action Plan proposed by the Mehedinti County Council.


Following the presentation of these good practices, a special interest awakened for the example of GUAU project, Torrellas’ street art gallery in Zaragoza (Spain) in a rural frame. The mayors present considered it opportune to implement such a project/event, thus creating a completely new concept in the mountain area of the county.

Another theme of the meeting was the importance of education, the awareness of cultural heritage by children, and the transfer of this heritage to future generations.

Following the discussion, it was considered that these communes present at the meeting are representative as a cultural and natural landscape of the Mehedinti Plateau Geopark, being possible to introduce them in the tourist circuit using as the source of funding the instrument PNRR – component 11 – the route of the villages with traditional architecture and the route of the Traditional Romanian gastronomy.