Last April, the Province of Zaragoza organized a MOMAr Tour to Quinto de Ebro. The scientific team of the province, composed of Isabel Soria and Irene Ruiz, went to the municipality to discover the projects, in connection with Heritage Management, that are carried out in the town. Along with Jesús Morales, the Mayor of Quinto de Ebro, the Zaragoza team could also know more about the future impact of these projects.

The visit started at the Mummies Museum, a Good Practice presented in the MOMAr project, which is continuing the development of new cultural activities taking advantage of the peculiarities of this heritage site. The museum also keeps on strengthening its connections with local businesses. The Tour continued on Purburel hill, where the scientific team could know first-hand the excavations that have been conducted in some trenches located on the hill during the Spanish Civil War.

In relation to this important legacy linked to the historic memory of this place, which has been a strategic location during the so-called Battle of the Ebro, the old train station is being rehabilitated and may become a place dedicated to the interpretation and the memory of the civil war. Through this visit, the MOMAr team could check the good rhythm of work in these two initiatives. Different employment workshops have even been organized to offer job opportunities and learning to the young people of the town.