In July, MOMAr completed its first phase and now it is time for the partners to disseminate the Good Practices Handbook (GPH) to the groups of interest in their territories. Considering environmental reasons, almost all partners have decided not to print the handbooks, and to make sure the digital version is widely known and accessible to all stakeholders.

Lead partner DPZ plans to present the GPH in a face-to-face and online event that will include both the stakeholders whose successful practices are in the manual, as well as the other project participants. It will be an opportunity to discuss the project's progress and the final phase of MOMAr.

All municipalities in the province will receive the GPH through the usual DPZ channels. Additionally, all provincial and regional heritage management entities will receive it.

Moreover, it will be included as recommended bibliography in the Master’s Degree in Cultural Heritage Management at the University of Zaragoza, as well as a study material in the online resources of its library. As a result, the MOMAr experience will last over time, and future managers can refer to the guide for further information.

The German partner, Saxony Anhalt, will send the GPH to the members of its stakeholder group. To facilitate the dissemination of the GPH, the stakeholders' digital channels will be used in addition to Saxony Anhalt's. Likewise, the handbook will be distributed and promoted at other project meetings.

Similar to Saxony Anhalt, Mehedinti County, the Romanian partner, aims to disseminate the GPH among its stakeholders. To do this, Mehedinti will schedule a gathering with them in the first week of October. For those stakeholders who will not be able to attend the meeting, an individual meeting will be arranged.

The province of Groningen will share the Good Practice Handbook with their organization and stakeholders via multiple meetings, after which they will send the handbook digitally. Additionally, Groningen will send a link to the handbook via its newsletters to keep everyone informed.

In the following weeks, South Bohemia will also share the GPH amongst its various stakeholders, in a similar manner to the other partners in MOMAr. Their handbook will have three forms – online , dowloadable .pdf and printed version. Online and downloadable content will be promoted via South Bohemia's promotional channels. The printed version will be distributed among stakeholders that took part in MOMAr activities, Regional Authority, Tourism Board and a handful of other regional institutions.

MOMAr’s Good Practice Handbooks have been translated into the partners’ languages and can be found in the Library section here.