The MONITORIS3 project partners are making progress in the development of the programme. On this occasion, members of the North Regional Coordination and Development Commission (PT), Nordland County Council (NO) and Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN - ES) have held an online meeting to discuss on the pilot actions they are implementing.

The Portuguese partners presented the preliminary report of the results obtained in the surveys carried out on innovative attitudes in SMEs. Based on these data, the 3 member groups of MONITORIS3 debated the knowledge obtained and the next steps to be taken.

Project Partners
Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) (ES)
Regional Development Agency of the West Region Romania (WRDA) (RO)
DUNEA IIc – Regional Development Agency, Dubrovnik and Neretva Region (HR)
Veneto Region – Research and Innovation Section (IT)
Nordland County Council (NO)
National Innovation Agency (PT)
Norte Regional Coordination and Development Commission (PT)