Regions all across Europe face many common challenges. When they cooperate and share solutions and experiences, this can help to overcome these challenges. We shared some examples and tips for getting the most out of cooperation during the European Week of Regions and Cities.

In a one-hour session on 13 October, we explored how cooperation has helped regions with the recovery and how it makes them more resilient. We also shared tips on how to work together and share experiences with other regions.

Speakers of the session included:

  • Thomas Wobben (European Committee of the Regions), who highlighted how cooperation and sharing experiences benefits regions and opens new perspectives to solving local challenges;
  • Anita Molka (Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia), who shared the experience from TRINNO project on gaining inspiration for launching a voucher scheme to support SMEs in Slovenia based on good practice shared in the project;
  • Nicolas Singer (Interreg Europe), who outlined how Interreg Europe helps regions collaborate and share solutions across all of Europe  - now and in the future.

A session recording is available, so you can also revisit the content of the session in full.

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