On September 23rd, at the occasion of a networking event organised by our partner WITENO, the Minister of Economy of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV), Germany, Mr. Harry Glawe met with regional stakeholders working on digitalisation in sectors such as health, programming, hosting, media and telecommunications, and with a political representative, Mr. David Wulff, to discuss about a stronger digitalisation in MV. During the event, the Minister confirmed the future financing of Greifswald’s Digital Innovation Center.

As one of 6 Digital Innovation Centers in MV, WITENO is serving as a network’s knot, creating and fostering connections between knowledge-holders and economy. Due to the geographical vicinity to Poland and the Baltic Sea, WITENO is an important Digital Innovation Center for international connections within the network “Digital MV”. The future financing of the Center confirms the importance of WITENO’s continuous work.

The networking event has again brought about new approaches to meet the opportunities promoted by the Next2Met project, while taking political agendas and their representatives into consideration. Further online-meetings will strengthen the cooperation among stakeholders and will foster the development of the Action Plan for a Policy Change.

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