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Updated Food Province label ready to work


Food Province is a regional food brand in the region of South Ostrobothnia that...

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The completion of a fruitful collaboration


NICHE final partners’ meeting took place in Rethymno, Crete, on 13th -14th ...

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Thousands visited Derry Slow Food Festival


This year’s Slow Food Festival was and even bigger and better than before as...

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A Feast of Donegal food at the foot of the peak


On Monday 30th September some of our most recognisable and magnificent chefs...

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The South Estonian Food Conference


The main theme of the South Estonian Food Conference was “How to get local food...

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NICHE Final Conference


NICHE Final Conference took place in Timisoara, Romania, on September 11th 2019

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NICHE Closing Event, Timisoara, September 11th-12th


International knowledge exchange and networking experience bringing together...

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Food Business Challenge competition for students


One of the actions in the NICHE Action Plan for South Ostrobothnia was to...

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Innovation in Estonian healthy food production


The main priority of the local action plan under implementation in Tartu Region...

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West Region Romania adopts the H!VE honey model


West Region Romania takes the lead in adopting a breakthrough technology for the...

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NICHE updates from South Ostrobothnia Finland


One main focus of the Action Plan of South Ostrobothnia is to develop the...

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Successful outcomes of NICHE implementation in Derry


The benefits of the NICHE project continue to impact on the Derry City and...

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