Over the last number of months work has been concentrated on development of region as a Food and Drink Destination. In July Derry was shortlisted in top 10 Foodie Destinations Ireland.

Two food festivals have been organised in the last 6 months:
•    Flavours of the Foyle which promoted Seafood offer. This year they developed the offering to include a Seafood trail and also a programme of chef cookery demonstrations with fish.
•    Slow Food festival. This festival promotes good, clean, fair food and the harvest market was jam packed with producers. This is continued support for new producers by providing a platform for them to promote and sell their produce. The festival also included chef demos, children’s activities, street food and craft beer garden.

These festivals continue to build on the region’s unique selling propositions.

NICHE project has also sparked many innovative partnerships and new products the region. This relates specifically to delivery of Action 2 of the action plan- supporting new creation of new local food producers in partnership with the Foodovation Centre. New products developed include ‘Grainola Goddess’ a grainola produced from the by-product of the brewing process spent grain. This is the first in the world of this type of granola, made by McKillop. Local producer Tamnagh foods has produced two new products including a goat cheese and also a new brand line ‘Crafty’ Beer spread.