Food Province is a regional food brand in the region of South Ostrobothnia that has been further developed in the NICHE pilot action project during the past year.
The new updated brand and its operation model was launched to public in a launching event held in Seinäjoki on the 27th of November. The event was directed especially for local food enterprises and other key organisations working within the food sector that could apply for the new Food Province Label. The aim of the event was thus, to reach especially the possible users of the label.
All in all, the event was successful and almost ten new applications for the label was received.

In the end of the pilot project it was agreed that the local Rural Women’s Advisory Association will take the lead in the brand work and finalise the operation model including the rules and criteria for the brand-users.

During the fall of 2019 the Rural Women’s Advisory Association has been working closely with the rules and criteria and finalised the work in early-November. The criteria for the label rests now on three core values: being South Ostrobothnian as origin, making things with quality and in co-operation with others. The label can now be licenced both to enterprises and development organisations and so far, a little bit over 10 applications have been received.