Program of the Peer Review

Day 1 p.m.: - Peer Review Preparatory meeting – introductions and background briefing with Peers; revision of the agenda; distribution of tasks.

Day 1 evening: - Common dinner

Day 2 a.m.: - Meeting/discussion/interview with the experts of the Hajdú-Bihar County Government - Meeting/discussion/interview with national decision maker expert(s) of light pollution

Day 2 p.m.: - Meeting/discussion/interview with local policy makers - Discussion of Peers

Day 2 evening: - Common dinner

Day 3 a.m.: - Meeting/discussion/interview with relevant members of the Regional Stakeholder Group

Day 3 p.m.: - Site visit to a settlement in the county to examine public lighting - Discussion of Peers

Day 3 evening: - ᴓ

Day 4 a.m.: - meeting of the employees/stakeholders of Hortobágy National Park / Starry Sky Park

Day 4 p.m.: - Site visit at Hortobágy National Park / Starry Sky Park - Discussion of Peers, preparation of final presentation

Day 4 evening: - Common dinner and stargazing

Day 5 a.m.: - Presentation of observations and preliminary recommendations of Peers open to the press - Farewell lunch.