NMP-REG and TRINNO projects have organised a significant conference dedicated to Industry 4.0 the next 19th March in Florence, at the Baglioni Hotel. This conference proposes an open discussion on how I4.0 is being applied across Europe and how various European and regional actors are dealing with the opportunities and challenges that it brings.

Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is taking off across Europe. It concerns automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, making everything around manufacturing processes digitally connected.

I4.0 is about technologies, production process, and materials, integrated for the first time with new digital technologies. I4.0 is an opportunity, but it is also a challenge. A challenge to adapt traditional sectors, manufacturing systems, and SMEs, the heart of the European economy, to ensure that they are part of this change.

Regions are keen to ensure that strategies and programmes are coherent with this new line of economic development. Interregional cooperation supports them to do this. TRINNO and NMP-REG, both co-founded by INTERREG EUROPE are reaching the end of 3 years of intense interregional cooperation in two different thematic areas. TRINNO deals with digital innovation in traditional sectors and NMP-REG with technology transfer in the field of nanotechnologies and new materials. Two different themes, but connected by the fil rouge of i4.0 in manufacturing.

As for the programme of the conference, the morning will consist of two sessions focused on understanding the state of the art of industrial modernisation at both European and regional level through contributions from representatives of both sides. It will continue with the intervention of representatives of two other Interreg Europe projects invited to the conference (INNOPROVEMENT and STEPHANIE) that are playing a strongly active role on the theme of Industry 4.0. The afternoon session, on the other hand, will see the simultaneous holding of two in-depth workshops on traditional manufacturing and advanced materials.

For the detailed programme of the agenda and the registration to the conference click here.