A webinar of high interest for the project topics was organized last July 4, 2022. In fact, EuMaT, the European Technology Platform for Advanced Materials and Engineering Technologies, was involved.

The event, titled "Advanced Materials: Post-Covid Evolution and Skills," focused on the evolving role of advanced materials and the skills needed for effective technology transfer in this field.

The materials community supports efforts toward the European Green Deal and EU improvements in digitization, science, and technology that complement education, and offers a variety of solutions to overcome the social, societal, and economic challenges that stem from or have been reinforced by the pandemic.

The webinar was attended, besides EuMaT representatives, by project partners as well as national and European stakeholders interested in the issues of certain relevance that are at the center of the discussions to set the basis and addresses from here to the near future.

On our official project Twitter account, some pictures taken during the event are made available.