In the framework of the Interreg Europe project NMP-REG, more than 60 participants attended the Future Workshop ‚Entrepreneurship & Start-ups‘ in Duesseldorf on 28 June 2017 to discuss the issue of entrepreneurship in Key Enabling Technologies (KET) in North Rhine-Westphalia from different points of view. During the event, the 3rd Regional Stakeholders Meeting was conducted by the State Cluster NMWP.NRW (Partner 5).

The workshop followed a holistic approach with regard to entrepreneurship and start-ups. In four panels, different stakeholder groups discussed good practices, bottlenecks and suggestions for improvement of entrepreneurial support: (i) entrepreneurs, (ii) support programmes at the universities, (iii) public/private capital investors and (iv) thematic networks and incubators. Each panel consisted of five high-ranking experts / insiders from the region of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). As a result, the workshop provided a detailed, multilateral, almost representative and authentic picture of the status quo of entrepreneurs and start-ups in the field of KET in NRW.

More detailed information is available here.